About Us
We work together, as a team, to meet the needs of our clients, of our staff, and to help the company to thrive.

Our Mission

KMSS exists to solve problems and provide solutions by developing the highest quality manufacturing management software: robust, modern and most of all configurable. Our software will give our clients the peace of mind to run their business their way, knowing that we will always find the solution for any of their challenges.

KMSS understands excellence in customer service is key. Our clients can count on a highly trained, professional and dedicated technical support team, that will always aim to exceed their expectations. We will never leave a client struggling with our systems.

KMSS knows its employees are the most important asset. Our employees can count on sympathetic management, support, training and career progression. Their efforts will be recognised and rewarded. We aim to have a team that is highly skilled, diverse, committed and loyal.

Company History

The SPOCS system was first developed in the late 80s in a database language called TAS. The original core of the product was developed by the founder for his own Sheet Plant. Hence the emphasis on never entering anything twice and ease of use. Word spread through the industry, and soon “everybody wanted one”! So, the founder launched KM Software Systems Ltd. and started selling software.

Initially SPOCS was further developed as a highly customised system for each client. By 1994, with over 50 systems in the field, support was becoming a major headache. SPOCS Version 4 was born, combining the features of all the disparate systems into a single one with a vast array of settings. At a stroke KMSS could maintain it more easily but without taking away the clients’ ability to configure the system to their own way of working.

At the end of the 90s, and after a lengthy development, SPOCS32 was born. It was a complete re-write of the original product in a 32-bit Windows™ form. In the decades since its launch it has been continuously adapted and improved by implementing our customers’ suggestions and requests. Several key modules have been added to provide solutions to the real-life problems of running a Sheet Plant.

Although still a family-owned and run company, KMSS is looking to the future and planning for growth. The story continues…

Management Team

Eduardo Andrade
Eduardo Andrade
Managing Director
Having joined the team in 2014, Eduardo has in-depth knowledge of SPOCS, alongside over 25 years' experience in software development, IT and business management.
Clive Corner
Clive Corner
Clive is the founder of KMSS. His original vision of a flexible system that will adapt to individual requirements is still the guiding principle for the company.
Lisbeth Corner
Lisbeth Corner