Welcome to KM Software Systems Ltd

  • Born of Sheet Plant Experience

    Founded with hands on experience of sales and production in both integrated and sheet plants, KMSS talks your language.
  • Customer Focus

    KMSS is truly driven by what our clients require. Every new development is in response to a client’s real need.
  • Practical as well as Clever

    We are here to help our clients do business, not just to impress them with our cleverness. We are always open to suggestions on how things can be simplified and streamlined.
  • Continuous Development

    An experienced in-house team of developers has enabled KMSS to lead the market in new and innovative solutions.
  • Intelligent Support

    A dedicated client support team is on hand to advise and offer technical support, by phone, email, online portal and remote access.
  • Over 25 Years in the Field

    KM Software has been helping sheet plants function more efficiently since 1989.
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The Premier Management Information
System for Corrugated Sheet Plants